Let's face it, as Pet Parents all we really want is for our furry little mates to live a long and healthy life.  Thankfully, us humans are catching on to the fact that our dogs and cats deserve the very best in every aspects - health care, nutrition, leisure and even fashion!  Sure, top quality means higher prices but doesn't your best friend deserve the very best?  Here are some quick tips for taking care of your Best Furry Friend.

Vet Checks

It's recommended that you take your pooch or moggie for an annual check-up. These wellness checks are a great opportunity to check their growth & development, and also address any issues you may have.

Everyday Pet Care Tips | Health & Wellness | The Paw Grocer

Dental Care

Like humans, cat & dogs vary in their needs for dental care.  Good dental care is essential to their health and all fur babies should have their teeth inspected by a vet at least one a year.  

Yawning Cat


Put simply, grooming helps keep your best friend healthy and happy.  Who doesn't love a trip to the hairdresser?! Grooming helps to prevent mats, which can be painful, and for cats grooming prevents furballs.  I take my little mates to the same groomers each time so they are used to the environment as Daisy is quite nervous.

Cat and Dog

Your Love 🤍

At the end of the day, all your BFF really wants is your love and a good cuddle. They give us undying love and devotion; are endlessly excited to see us; boost our immunity and lessen our anxiety.  The very least we can do is offer them kindness, comfort and a safe place to rest.


At The Paw Grocer, we think our precious dogs and cats deserve to eat every bit as well as we do, and that's why we have sourced the very best Australian produce.  100% single ingredient, human grade, sustainable protein treats - absolutely NO NASTIES. Remember that treats are not a replacement for meals. Bare with us while we develop a full range of products.

Everyday Pet Care Tips | Health & Wellness | The Paw Grocer


This can be a contentious issue with humans and animals alike, but there are a few very nasty diseases that can be easily avoided with the appropriate vaccination.  Please follow your vets advice to keep your fur baby fit and well



Just like us, our furry friends benefits from daily exercise. Indoor cats benefit from toys & cat towers so they can climb. A laser can be great fun for their to "chase", but be super careful not to shine it in their eyes, and to avoid frustration follow up with a toy! Dog love their walks, morning and evening if possible. Dogs also love playing hide & seek and fetch with their favourite human. Talk to your breeder or vet about how much daily activity is appropriate. Age and general health will have an influence on this.