Daisy is our CEO (Chief Excited Officer)
Daisy is boss dog.  She's in charge of procurement and only chooses the very best Australian proteins.  Daisy is also in charge of New Product Development and spearheaded the Bikkie project.  Although she loves to chase cats, she's also very fond of them, and was personally responsible for the development of the CAT range
Charlie is our CTT (Chief Taste Tester)
Charlie is an integral part of Team Paw Grocer as he takes full responsibility for Taste Testing all new products.  He lays himself on the line every single day, tasting tirelessly to ensure the quality of all of our products.  He's often asked which his favourite treat is and his honest answer is "absolutely everything & anything".
Jenny is our Founder
Jenny is lucky enough to be the Mother of both the CEO & CTT.  She excels at patting, picking up poo and going for walks.  Other than that, the Team aren't sure what value she adds.