There's no such thing as a dumb question - here are answers to our top queries

ARE YOUR TREATS 100% AUSSIE?  Our freeze dried treats are single ingredient and made from 100% Australian, human grade protein.  We source from farms, mainly in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.  We dry them at human grade facility in Tasmania, and pack them in Melbourne.  Our peanut butter Bikkie range is baked in Melbourne

HOW MUCH SHOULD I FEED?  If you’ve just started to feed your fur baby freeze dried raw treats, we suggest you start slowly.  As with any change in diet, it’s best to take things slowly and consult your vet or animal nutritionist before making big changes. Introduce the treats in small quantities so their gut adjusts to the new treats.  If one protein doesn’t agree with their tummy, perhaps try a different treat. 

HOW MANY BEDTIME BIKKIES SHOULD I GIVE MY DOGGO? 💤😴🥱 The main ingredient in our Bikkie range is 100% pure peanut butter, which is a fantastic protein for dogs.  The chamomile powder and L-theanine are in very small quantities in the Bikkies and we think you can compare giving your doggy these like a pet parent having a nice cup of chamomile tea!  Both chamomile and L-theanine are a natural relaxant and may help your FB feel calmer.

Being ultra-cautious, we recommend that you start with one Bikkie for puppies over 12 weeks old. For teeny tiny doggies, they may struggle with the size of the Bikkies and we don't recommend them.  

Over 5kg up to10kg - one Bikkie 
Between 10kg & 15kg - two to three Bikkies
Between 15kg - 20kg - three to four Bikkies
Over 20kg - four Bikkies

CAN MY CAT EAT THE BLACK LABEL RANGE?  Yes, absolutely!  We are currently updating the packaging the relect that the treats are suitabel for our cat friends too, but in the meanwhile your cat can absolutely enjoy any of the treats in our super-luxey black label range.  They’re all a hit with our feline friends.

WHY ARE NOVEL PROTEINS GOOD?  Novel proteins are proteins that your fur baby has probably not been exposed to in their food.  We chose duck and goat so that animals with sensitive tummies or allergies can hopefully enjoy them too!  Chicken is a common allergen and many treats and foods contain chicken in some percentage as it’s one of the cheaper proteins to source.

THE BIKKIES SMELL DELICIOUS, WHAT’S IN THEM? The base ingredients are (in descending order) 100% pure peanut butter, tapioca flour, free range eggs, brown rice flour, rice malt syrup, chia flour and guar gum.  Additional ingredients include chamomile powder & L-theanine for the Bedtime; mint & parsley for the Fresh Breath; raspberry in our Tea Time; and beetroot and turmeric in our Party Bikkies.

DO YOUR FREEZE DRIED TREATS HAVE ANY ADDITIVES?  Our freeze dried treats have absolutely NO additives, fillers or preservatives added.  They are single ingredient.

ARE ANY OF YOUR TREATS SUITABLE FOR PUPPIES? Yes!  Our lamb and beef hearts treats are absolutely ideal for puppy training.  They are diced small and you only need the smallest amount to help with their training.  We've also recently launched our Black Label Novel Protein treats which are also ideal for pups.  You’ll quite literally have them eating out of your hand!

WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE?  The shelf life of our freeze dried treat range is two years from packaging.  You will see the Best Before date on the packs.  We doubt you’ll need to store them for long, but they are best kept in a jar with a lid to keep the freeze dried texture.  The peanut butter Bikkies are also best stores in a resealable jar or container if they are not consumed quickly (which we doubt 😉).

ARE YOUR SALMON BELLIES RICH?  Our bellies are sourced from Tassie and are, of course, human grade.  They are pure salmon, with absolutely no fillers or other additives.  Salmon is known to be an excellent source of “good fat”, such as Omegas 3 & 6.  It is higher in fat than some of our other treats, and we would not recommend it for animals suffering from pancreatitis as it may cause inflammation.  However, the benefits to healthy animals is that the Omegas are excellent for their skin and coat health and may improve joint mobility by decreasing inflammation.  Salmon is also known to promote good heart health and boost the immune system.  As with all of our treats, we recommend that you start with small amounts of the treats if your fur baby has not eaten salmon before – there is such as thing as too much of a good thing! 

WHY SHOULD I SUPERVISE MY FUR BABY WHILE THEY ENJOY TREATS?  Only you know if your fur baby is a greedy guts who inhales their food instead of chewing it politely first, so we recommend to all pet parents that they supervise while their FBs enjoy their treats!  If you have a piggy on your hands, consider whether it might be better to cut our bigger treats to a smaller size before serving or stick to the lamb & beef hearts, duck liver & hearts, the goat offal or beef kidneys which are all small sized treats.

EEEEWWW THE CHICKEN WINGS TIPS & NECKS HAVE SOME TINY FEATHERS!  Dogs & cats don’t pluck their chooks before they eat them in the wild… Don’t fret, they’re perfectly safe to feed.  Feathers are another source of protein called Keratin.  They can be beneficial for your animal’s health as they can assist with digestion and will safely move through their system.  💩