Purrfect Packaging for the Planet

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We talk a lot about the delectable goodies you’ll find when you open a TPG pouch.

And while it’s usually what’s on the inside that counts, in this case, the outside is pretty amazing too.

Did you know the packaging that your tasty TPG treats come in is doing wonders for the environment?

At TPG we are very conscious about the businesses we partner with, only aligning ourselves with people who we really believe in and share our values.

This is why we’ve partnered with ePac Flexible Packaging to create the pouches that hold our precious TPG treats. A lot of thought went into them––they’re resealable, sturdy and can fit in a handbag to treat your furry friends on the go.

On top of all this, they’re easy on the planet. ePac utilises digital printing technology, which uses less energy, produces less waste and has a smaller carbon pawprint than traditional printing technologies. It also helps to keep plastic packaging out of landfills because you’re able to order and print on demand. Printing on demand = less wastage. How good is that?

Digital printing is something new for the flexible packaging industry, and a big step in the right direction, planet-wise.

Another exciting way that ePac is doing their bit for the environment is by repurposing waste. Their current goal is to adapt their plants to be capable of collecting raw materials and waste and melting them down to be repurposed, further contributing to a circular economy.

But that’s not all.

ePac also print using carbon-neutral HP printers, sustainable inks and films, as well as raw materials that can be composted or recycled.

It’s easy to see why we at TPG are so proud to be partnering with ePac for our gorgeous packaging.

And keep it between us, but we may or may not have something very special in the works coming up soon. Perhaps packaging for something… new?

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears up––all will be revealed soon!


The TPG Team

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