Freeze Dried Food for your Furry Friend: Is it the Same as Raw Food?

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There are so many benefits to feeding your furry friend a raw diet. After all, that’s what our ancestors were doing! I personally loveeeee nothing more than when our pawrent prepares us delicious dinners made of raw foods and it really does make me feel great.

Eating raw food makes my coat shiny, my breath smell nicer for when I’m giving you my kisses, clears my skin and gives me lots of energy. I guess it’s kind of like a hooman who prefers to eat all-natural foods?

However, I know it can get messy. Storing raw meats, bones and organs in the fridge can be a bit off-putting for hoomans (I don’t know why, I think they're delicious!).

With this in mind, a great way to introduce some raw, natural food into your furry friend’s life without the mess is through freeze-dried food. “Freeze-dried” means that the moisture has been removed from the food so it’s a lot less messy and smelly. It can be stored in handy little packets in the cupboard. Sometimes my pawrent even pops a packet in her handbag in case we need treats on the go!

You may think that this is cheating - that freeze-dried food isn’t actually raw food…

But, in fact… it is!

Freeze-dried food gives us the 90% of the amount of nutrients, vitamins and proteins as if it was raw and trust me when I say it tastes just as delicious. The only difference is that the moisture is gone from the food… So make sure your furry friend has lots of water throughout the day, as they won’t be getting any from their freeze-dried treats.

My favourite freeze-dried treat is our Chicken Wing Tips. My pawrent says they can be used as part of an ancestral diet and our super high in protein… I just think they’re yummy.

Remember for any questions around your furry friend’s diet and health, the vet always knows best.

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