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When people think of cats and dogs, they usually imagine two animals that can’t stand to be in the same room with one another. But what if we told you it is possible for cats and dogs to live together in harmony? Believe it or not, cats and dogs can be the best of friends—with a little bit of help from us pet parents! Let's explore how to make this unlikely combination work.

How to Introduce a Cat & Dog

The key to introducing a cat and dog is moderation. You don’t want your pets to meet up nose-to-nose; this could lead to an aggressive encounter. Instead, allow them to gradually get used to each other's presence. You can do this by feeding them on opposite sides of the door or putting special treats near the doorway so they become used to sniffing around each other without getting too close. After a few days (or weeks), your cat and dog should start becoming more comfortable with one another’s presence.

Provide Each Pet With Their Own Space

If you have both a cat and dog, it is important that each pet has its own space where they feel safe and secure. A safe space will also help them calm down when they are feeling anxious or stressed out in the presence of their feline/canine friend. Your cat might appreciate having access to elevated spaces like shelves or window sills while your pup might benefit from their own bed or crate. Make sure each animal has an escape route when things become overwhelming for either one of them. Both cats and dogs need time alone!

Treats Can Help Bridge The Gap Between Species

Treats are great way for cats and dogs alike to bond over something positive—like yummy snacks! We have treats which are biologically appropriate for both species, so why not use that as an opportunity for your furry family members form some common ground? This will give both animals something positive that they associate with being together, which will go a long way towards helping them learn how to interact better with one another!


It may take some time for cats and dogs living under one roof to become friends but it is definitely possible! With patience, understanding, and lots of treats, your pets can learn how co-exist peacefully with one another—and even become best buddies! If you're considering getting both a cat & dog, don't let fear stop you from giving two animals the home they deserve—with enough effort you can easily create harmony between two furry family members who just happen to be different species!  If you're searching for which are biologically appropriate for both of the furry friends in your family, we have your covered.  Check out our freeze dried range here.



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