Salmon Belly, Get in my Belly!

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Hoomans love salmon.

I see my pawrent eat it all the time and she says it’s really good for her. It’s full of Omega-3. I’ve heard my hooman say that Omega 3 is fatty acids that help keep your body healthy. They give you lots of energy and help keep all your insides (like your heart, lungs and blood vessels) working the way they should be.

All I know is my mouth would water anytime my pawrent cooked salmon - it smells DELICIOUS! I used to get so excited when I could smell it cooking and that it got my hooman thinking… can furry friends have salmon too?

To my absolute delight, the answer is yes! That all-important Omega 3 that my pawrent talks about is really good for us too and it’s not very common in a lot of pet treats.

Omega 3 can help:

  • Keep our joints functioning as we get a little older

  • Keep our skin and coat shining and beautiful

  • Keep our hearts healthy

  • Reduce our risk of allergies

On top of all this, I think it’s absolutely scrumptious. Sometimes mum lets me have some salmon with dinner but my absolute favourite is The Paw Grocer Freeze Dried Salmon Belly treats.

I get so excited any time I see mum get out that pouch and I know I’ve been a good boy!

I love them so much that I would eat them all day every day, but mum says they’re only for when I’m training or being extra well-behaved. She says it’s important that I don’t spoil my dinner by eating too many.

I can’t recommend salmon belly for your furry friend enough - it’s both delicious and nutritious!

The Paw Grocer’s Salmon Belly Treats have the added bonus of being 100% Aussie and freeze-dried in human-grade factories… and they make an amazing CRONCH when I bite into them!

Have a great day, I’m off to sniff out a treat!

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